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Jéméry Gendron | entraineur privé certifié

By Our Side: The Role of a Certified Personal Trainer

"By Our Side" is a series of articles that give us the opportunity to showcase the people around the athlete who make their performances, their com...
What's Different Between Caffeine and Taurine?

What's Different Between Caffeine and Taurine?

Off late, more and more energy drinks feature caffeine or taurine. These two items have become rather common ingredients and are quite popular among athletes, college students, and adolescents.
Simon Fecteau-Boutin | Power Run Energy

“An Athlete's Journey to Success” with Simon Fecteau-Boutin

Simon is a veteran athlete, a guy who has seen a lot of volleyball nets and grains of sand over the years. Even if he’s had his share of challenges, his perseverance and experiences feeds his unshakable thirst for victory while baring a beautiful philosophy.
Sarah-Jeanne Meunier-Bédard | Power Run Energy

“An Athlete's Journey to Success” with Sarah-Jeanne Meunier-Bédard

After years of volleyball, Sarah-Jeanne joined the Canadian National Team and moved to Toronto! Her goal? The Olympic Games of 2024! This great athlete baring a sweet smile is carving herself a spot among the best in her sport with seriousness, commitment and dedication.
Stevia instead of sugar | Sports Supplements | Power Run Energy

The Benefits of Stevia in our Sports Supplements

Do your sports supplement have Stevia? Well, we are not sure about yours, but all the Power Run Energy supplements are naturally sweetened with this powerful ingredient called Stevia.

What is it all about? And is Stevia beneficial in our sports supplements? We will check this and much more in this article. Let’s get started.

Recette BCAA Electro +

Refreshing way to take your BCAA Electro

Let's mix it up and change how to take BCAA-Electro + with a summer twist! Fresh and bubbly! 


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