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NSF Certifications

We, at Power Run Energy, take pride is producing the best quality sport nutrition products. We take extra care of taking the best ingredients to develop our supplements. 

It is highly recommended for all federated athletes to use exclusively NSF Certified supplements to guarantee its contents, that is why we have a dedicated line of products that are NSF Content Tested and Certified. 

If you are a professional athlete or need Sports nutrition supplements that carry the NSF for Sports certification, please contact us and we'll help you find what you need. 

By choosing Power Run Energy supplements, you no longer have to doubt the actual content of your supplements. The nutrients you provide for your body are those written on the product labels, no more, no less. All the ingredients as well as their content were verified and approved. This is why so many athletes turn to Power Run Energy! They know that in addition to maximizing their performances, these dietary supplements are pure and free of any harmful or prohibited substances.

On top of our GMP Canada license, obtaining NSF certifications shows all the care that is put into the production of Power Run Energy sports supplements because your health is at the centre of our efforts.


Since 1944, NSF International has been dedicated to the protection and improvement of health. As an independent organization, it establishes its standards of quality through consultation with many experts, including scientists, microbiologists, chemists and health professionals. Before affixing its seal on Power Run products, NSF verifies the purity of each ingredient and its quantity in order to guarantee the accuracy of the information appearing on the labels.

NSF Certification

NSF for Sport Certification | Power Run Energy

NSF Content Tested and Certified | Power Run Energy

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